Radio Yachts


Sydney's premier Radio Control Yachting venue

Kogarah Bay Radio Yacht Club is boasts the 3rd largest membership in NSW and the largest membership fleet of IOM's in Sydney.

The club hosted the Milo ARYA National Championships in 2005 and the NAB ARYA National Championships in 2011 as well as numerous State Championships and Grand Prix’s since 2003.

KBRYC was formed with just seven members in 2001 take advantage of the fabulous sailing conditions the bigger boats enjoy on Kogarah Bay in Sydney's south. We now have a membership of over thirty.

Our members are Associate Members of Kogarah Bay Sailing Club and we have access to all the club’s amenities and store our rescue boat and marks in the clubhouse.

Sailing is on open waters that provide great breezes from almost any direction, but particularly from the south, north & east. In summer we use 'B' rigs as often as 'A' rigs and 'C' rigs don't just stay in the sail box either. The control area is elevated, just as it should be for RC sailors, and we have a 25m jetty and large stable pontoon to make launching our yachts safe and easy.

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